Asya Aleshina → art direction & graphic design 

We started to renovate after a large rebranding which was connected to the new positioning of the company. The first aim was to provide the business with an effective marketing tool. So we turned Sales tasks into storytelling of the new landing pages. Secondly, we needed to stay with our bold style. Bright details, vivid photos, and masterful illustrations helped us.
Animated branding elements are among the eye-catching features of the pages.

The New Year special project started with a challenge: how would you send presents to all your employees all over the world and make this process really special to them? We came up with a versatile solution consisting of two parts: 1) a free e-shop with presents for worldwide employees and 2) a unique game for employees from Cyprus where Mercuryo main office is located.
The New Year site had special access options for the e-shop and the Cyprus game landing.

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